One-Time Dog-Aggressive Puppies May Soon Be Eager To Go On Walks, But You Can Keep Them Away From Other Dogs With The Right Training And Toys

Puppies that are friendly at home can turn hostile when they are away from their yard. Some dogs turn on the aggression at the sight of any other dog. A flat buckle collar and string, a head halter like the Gentle Leader, or a body harness are ideal. Use a high-pitched happy voice to say, "It’s a cookie dog!” and immediately put a smelly treat right in front of his nose. You can keep repeating the phrase in the happy voice, giving your dog treats as long as the other dog remains. Puppies are smart and soon decide to get paid. Watch for him to see other dogs and then look at you for a reward. The goal is for the sight to change into triggering the expectation of treats. Done with constancy, one-time dog-angry pups may eventually go on walks. . . .

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