Dog Parks Can Be An Accident Waiting To Happen If You'Re Not Careful

Dog parks can be an accident waiting to happen if you're not careful. Only bring healthy dogs to the dog park. Never bring an intact female (not spayed) into the park. Don't bring aggressive dogs to dog parks or anywhere else dogs play. Dogs can easily run into a small child when playing. A running child could set off another dog's prey drive, which could lead to disaster. Parasites are another reason children don't have to be roaming around strange dogs. Some parasites are even more harmful to children than dogs. The dog park is not the place for your dog to be socialized. Ideal socialization happens in a controlled environment. Your dog should have a good foundation of training and know basic commands. Most dog parks have rules outside the gate. Don’t bring your dog in if the park is crowded or if there is already bullying or aggressive behavior. Be polite. Don don't forget to bring bags, pick up poop, and properly disposed of it. Watch Now: What would Your Dog Say If They Could Text?.

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