Take Your Cat'S Temperature Rectally, Via Its Ear, Or By Your Pet'S Ear: Health And Safety News, Weather, And Sports

The normal temperature for most cats is between 100 and 102. 5 degrees Fahrenheit. A fever higher than 106 degrees Fahrenheit can cause organ damage. When your cat has a high fever, contact your local veterinary office. Watch out for certain behaviors that can accompany a fever. You can either take your cat's temperature rectally, or via its ear, but rectal temperatures are more accurate. Digital thermometers give a reading much faster. They make the process shorter. Make sure you keep the thermometer separate so it's only used on the cat. Taking Your Cat's Temperature via Its Ear can be a bit more difficult than taking its temperature via its rectal. To get an accurate reading, ear thermometers need to be placed in the right area. Record the temperature and the date and time. Clean the thermometers thoroughly. Most cats will resist having their temperature taken. Your cat may bite or scratch you. A temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous. Your pet should be seen by a veterinary veterinarian immediately. Wear long sleeves and wear protective gloves. If you suspect that your pet is sick, call your Vet. . . .

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