How To Stop Your Male Cat From Humping Your Female Cat (Or Any Other Cat) In The Middle Of The Night (Or In The Middle Of The Day)

Neutered male cats hump other cats because of UTIs, stress, and a variety of other health and behavioral reasons. Neutering may not automatically stop a male cat from mounting (grasping with his forepaws, gripping her neck with his teeth) and humping other cats. The behavior may be due to health issues, your cats' social hierarchy, or other problems. Cat humping can be related to stress and anxiety. Boredom is another cause of humping in cats. Cats also use mounting behavior to reinforce social ranking. Cats reach social maturity between the ages of 2 and 4 years. Your male cat's stalking, mounting, and pursuit of your other cat can be dangerous. Make sure your cat gets all the attention, mental stimulation, and exercise he needs. Play with your cat at least daily. If you see your cat getting ready to hump, clap your hands, or drop a book on the floor. You might also offer a plush toy to a male that's intent on humping. Find ways to reward your female cat's good behavior. You can do this with treats, toys, or extra attention. Give your cats more space to increase their respective territories. Follow the litter box rule of "two plus one" for two cats. If your pet is sick, call your vet. . . .

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