3 Things Owners Can Do To Prevent Pet Rivalry In Your House

Pets face serious injury if dog aggression gets out of hand. In terms of evolution, the competition offered a way for the "winning" to gain the most. Four or more pets virtually guarantee serious issues that require management. Territory, personality, and resources impact whether or not rivalry conflict develops. The most important territory for a pet is the owner. Neutering helps level the playing field and reduces the hormonal stress that can stir up rivalries. Couple compatible pups can prevent problems down the road. There is a range of behaviors that arose from pet rivalry/competition. Owners should become concerned about pet rivalry if/when the behaviors provoke fear and/or risk physical harm to the other pet(s). Pets can indulge in play behaviors that might be mistaken for aggression. The world of dogs is not a democracy. There WILL be a pet that comes out on top. Here are three important steps to keep sibling rivalry at bay in your house. If you have a dangerous situation and already fear physical injury, get help. . . .

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