How To Care For A Simple Wound At Home Or Manage A More Serious Wound Temporarily In Your Dog'S Life: Http://Www

Dogs can get injuries that cause wounds when they are in the yard. Some wounds can be managed at home while others are more serious and require veterinary attention. How to care for a simple wound at home and manage a more serious wound temporarily are things dog owners can benefit from learning. If your dog has a wound on its skin, the first thing you'll want to do is clean it. Depending on where the wound is located, how deep it is, and how old it is , you may or may not need all of the following supplies. These items can be compiled prior to having a wound cleaned. If there is blood around the wound, you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove it. If the dog has an open wound, it should be examined by a veterinary doctor. Small punctures, scrapes, and cuts may be fine to heal on their own as long as they aren't infected. Your veterinary doctor may still recommend prophylactic antibiotics to prevent an infection. . . .

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