How To Train Your Ferret To Use A Litter Box: 5 Steps To Train Your Ferret To Use A Litter Box

Ferrets are becoming increasingly popular as household pets.

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Despite their high intelligence, a ferret will not see a litter tray as somewhere to poop unless you train them. This article will detail 5 quick steps to potty train your ferret. How to Train Your Ferret to Use a Litter Box? The best place to place the litter tray is away from the bedding and toys. Make sure to fasten the tray to the cage with a metal wire.

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Make sure that the wire tips are on the outside to stop the ferrets from digging. Waiting for your ferret to do their business, then collect poop and put it in the litter box. Ferrets have an extremely high metabolic rate.

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This means that they often defecate. Just by the position of the tray and smell coming from it, they know that that is where to go. Your efforts will bear fruits faster if your munchkin knows they will be rewarded for using the litter box. Do not scold your pet for not using the litter box.

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It will only confuse and scare them. You can tell by looking at your pet's sides as they poop or poop. !!! Exercise is good for ferrets' mental and physical health. Ferrets who stay locked up all day tend to have behavioral problems, in addition to being weak in general.


Place a litter tray in the corner of each room so they can have a place to go during play. .

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