Orange Cat Names: The 10 Best Orange Cat Names Of All Time (And They'Re Not Just For Cats)

Orange cats have been in movies, books, and comic strips for decades. Many orange cats are also tabbies. They have distinctive stripes to add to their striking appearance. Garfield is the perfect pick for your orange cat. Elmo is a popular name for a male orange cat named Ernie. Ernie was a character from the Muppets. He had a distinctly orange appearance. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/OrangeCatwithGreenEyes-e1ee6b25146b47a082a5178b0aa18684. Other orange cat names include: Calvin, Heathcliff, Hobbes, Flame, Calvin and Hobbes.

Orange kitten jumping

Hobbes is a teddy bear that comes to life in the imagination and adventures of his friend and constant companion. Cheeto is short for Macaroni and Cheese. Nacho is a great food-inspired name for the orange cat . The popular orange clownfish had a striped orange appearance when used in cooking or bake. Ginger is a common name for redheads.

Portrait of orange cat with green eyes

Tang is another option for an orange cat name. . . .

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