How To Teach Your Dog To "Stand" On Command: How To Train Your Dog To Stand On Command

It is very useful to train your dog to "stand" on command. It's a good foundation for basic and advanced dog training. This is a simple command to teach. Most dogs pick it up quickly. Learning how to teach your dog how to stand comes handy when you need to get a dog to stand up to be examined. All you need is a handful of treats and a dog. If you are using clickser training, you will need the clickser. You will also want to find a quiet place that is free of distractions. The first times you practice the stand command, praise and treat your dog every time your dog stands up. You should be able to perfect your stand command in several short training sessions. Eventually, use a hand signal for your dog when it is standing without moving forward. Reward your dog for standing for 30 seconds, a full minute, and then longer before offering a treat. It is a good way to instill self-control in your dog. The training sessions should be short and they should end before your dog loses interest. Talking in an excited voice or shaking a toy in front of the dog are two good methods. It can be okay to change the starting position of your dog's stand command. End each session on an upbeat note. Groomers and vets can help you teach your dogs to stand. You can also ask a friend or family member to work with your dog in a few minutes. They can follow your lead which will help your dog understand that another person is asking the same thing of it so it knows what to do. . . .

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