Dry Skin Can Be Caused By A Number Of Reasons, Including Allergies And Low Humidity

Dry skin is uncomfortable for dogs. It can cause itching and scratching. Dry skin can be caused by a number of reasons. Some reasons include allergies and low humidity. Knowing what can cause dry skin and how it can be treated can help you keep your dog comfortable and healthy. In preventing dry skin, keeping the epidermis healthy is a major factor. Parasites can be difficult to see. It may only take a few days to cause a real problem in a sensitive dog. Poor diet and poor nutrition can also cause dryness on a dog. It is usually easily resolved once you determine what substance is causing the problem. A humidifier in the home can help to increase the moisture in the air. Parasite preventative medication should be administered to prevent infestations of fleas and mites that can cause poor skin. Supplements and oral medications are typically utilized alongside occasional injections and topical therapies. . . .

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