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. . Toads are a subspecies of frogs. However, not all frogs are toads. Toads are amphibians.


However, many of them become completely terrestrial once they reach adulthood. Toads are coated in a toxin that is relatively harmless to most humans and animals. : Toads are interesting pets that are pretty low maintenance. Most of them are content to spend time alone or in the presence of other toads. Juvenile toads are usually diurnal.


This means they are most active during the day. Depending on the size of its enclosure, you may have to remove waste every day or two. : Toads are generally hard to get, running between $10-30. Specialty or unusual toads will usually be more expensive, but usually do not exceed $150. When you purchase a toad, you will also need to buy an enclosure. Your toad's enclosure should be large enough for it to move around, exercise, and hunt.

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of enclosure options on the market. It’s recommended to provide your toad with a light that provides low-level rays. : Your toad should always have access to clean, chlorine-free water. Plants are good options for toads to hang out in or under.


Caves and bridges offer hiding spots. They are protected from the heat of the heat lamp. : Toads are insectivores. They typically only eat live prey. Commercial toad food is not available. You can grow your own live food for your toad. Toads should be fed insects that are dusted with calcium and amphibian vitamin supplements. Toads shed their skin every couple of months. Adults only shed their hair twice a year. Most toads will eat their shed skin to get the nutrients.

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They do not require bathing. They will usually stay clean if provided a hygienic environment. : Toads in nature enter a state of brumation. This is a semi-hibernation state. It causes a decrease in metabolism. Brumation is a semi-hibernation state. Toads in nature will enter it.

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Captive toads don’t have to have a brumation period. They may be the healthiest if provided. : Bloating in toads is most commonly caused by eating a large meal or poor digestion. Weight loss can be caused by underfeeding or malnutrition caused by no dietary variety or no supplementation. It is possible for toads to have internal problems, like tumors. Toads are interesting pets and are quite hardy. They are a good option for new pet owners or people new to care for amphibians. Toads are a long-term commitment. They can live to exceed 10 years. Be prepared to care for your toad for years to come. .

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