How To Correct Your Puppy'S Behavior With A Simple "No

Some dogs can struggle and appear fearful when you first show them the leashes. For these pups, you want to slowly introduce them to the dog and do it positively. Start indoors or in a fenced-in yard. Let your dog smell the dog's scent and clip it on your dog's collar. Many dogs view the dog as just another toy. Don't let your dog get into the habit of chewing on the collar or using some of its favorite toys to distract the dog instead. Never pull on the leash to correct your dog or dog's behavior. Practice as often as possible for about 10 minutes each time. Be sure to have lots of treats on hand and reward good behavior with lots of praise. The same rules apply to the collar when it comes to preventing it from becoming a chew toy. Now you can correct your poodle with a simple "no". . .

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