'Leave It' Command Can Keep Your Dog From Picking Things Up And Eating Harmful Things

The "take it" command is used to stop your dog from picking things up. It can also keep your dog away from eating something harmful. Most dogs can be trained to "take" even the most desirable things. All you need to train your dog is a handful of bite-sized treats and a quiet area. It's very important to keep the treat covered at all times when you are in the beginning stages of training this command. If you accidentally allow your pet to get a treat before you give the praise, it will be even harder to get the treat next time. In the beginning, you should give the dog a treat the second it pulls back from your hand. You can slowly add a few seconds until you are able to go for several minutes while your dog waits for the treat. After a few training sessions, you can start to step away from the treat yourself. Put one of your dog's toys near it and say "leave that" as soon as the dog pulls back off the smallest bit. Practice with other items your dog likes as well. The "take It" command was all about teaching your dog self-control. Make your dog work for food, playtime, or attention by having them sit or lie down first. Do small sessions on leave it every day to really develop this good behavior. . . .

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