How To Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy And Happy For The Rest Of His Life

Guinea pigs can live up to ten years under the best circumstances.

Guinea Pig

Despite their small stature and less fussy nature, they still need utmost care and love to thrive. Guinea pigs are social creatures that prefer not having people or other guinea pigs around. : Guinea pigs need a safe and secure cage to keep them safe.

Baldwin Guinea Pig

The size of the cage is crucial. Avoid getting a small one. The guinea pig ends up outgrowing you in no time. The more room there is, the longer your pet will live happily. : Guinea pig teeth can grow long and become uncomfortable if not properly managed.

Guinea Pig Eating Cucumber and Carrots

It becomes difficult for the animal to eat anything that leads to starvation. The best way to do so is to let it grind down on certain materials. The best foods for them are leafy green vegetables. : Guinea pigs are social creatures and don't thrive when they live alone.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Long-term isolation can lead to death due to being lonely. You need to keep things constant and add another friend if you want your pet to live longer. The best solution is to get a friend. : Guinea pigs need regular health checks to improve their lifespan.


Proper bedding is necessary to keep guinea pigs dry and comfy in a cage. The best material is absorbed, which keeps your pets dry and comfy throughout. You can have special feeding troughs and water tubes to prevent spills. : Guinea pigs stop feeding when in poor health.

They can quickly die to death. Excess ammonia on the bedding can lead to eye problems. This can be fatal. Lack of energy is a sign that not all is okay. It's essential to know the signs. : If your guinea pig looks unkempt, it means it's no longer grooming itself.

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Having traces of blood on the urine is a warning sign that your guinea pig has a skin disease. A lack of appetite is a sign of lack of an appetite. .

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