Goldfish Have A Much Longer Memory Than We Thought

A goldfish memory is much longer than originally believed.

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Scientists from Israel conducted a study on goldfish. It suggests the goldfish memory is more than a few seconds. This method of training can help reduce the need for fish hatcheries. This is because breeders allow the fish to grow. Goldfish can learn to press a button to get food.

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Goldfish can also push a ball from one area of the tank to another by pushing a ball over a distance. Goldfish have memory long enough to remember to press the button, but also have a sense of time. Goldfish can also recognize landmarks and use them to guide the environment.

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They can also create mental images of their pathway. This allows them to find their way through complex mazes. Goldfish can swim through jumpers and see cones for red, green, blue, and ultraviolet. This means they can see ultraviolet light. Goldfish have a much better memory than we thought. The ability to recognize a sound several months after not hearing it proves the long memory of goldfish. The long memory of goldfish may allow a better way to breed fish, allowing them to live out their natural lives. .

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