Train Your Dog To Release, Or 'Drop It,' By Offering A Trade

Train your dog to release, or "drop it," by offering a trade. The release command is very important to train your dog. It can protect a dog when it has something dangerous in its mouth. Plus, it allows you and your dog a chance to play games. Add a verbal cue, such as "Drop it," to your dog's behavior. Say the cue firmly and clearly while still holding the treat near the dog's nose. After a while, try holding the dog farther away. Gradually increase the distance if your dog still responds to the command. Never try to pry open a dog's mouth to try to remove something from it mouth. The dog will give a "take it" command and give a treat if it doesn't touch the dropped item again. "Don't leave it" is not as easy for some dogs to grasp as "drop". Be patient. The Humane Society of the United States would love it if you would say this. Watch Now: If Your Dog Could Text. . . .

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