Runny Nose In Your Dog Can Be Caused By A Variety Of Respiratory Infections

Respiratory Infections can cause a runny nose in your dog. Viruses, fungi, and bacteria can all enter a dog's respiratory system. Kennel cough, pneumonia, a cold, flu, aspergillosis, and other infections can be found. Growths, such as polyps and tumors, can develop inside your dog's nose. Breathing issues, nose bleeds, and runny noses may occur due to a tumor or polyp in your animal's nasal cavity. Some dog breeds, including pugs, French bulldogs, shih tzus, and many brachycephalic breeds, are born with nose that are more likely to run. Clear, watery nasal discharge is less concerning than white, yellow, or even red discharge. There are a variety of other diseases that can cause your dog to get a runn nose. A full physical examination of your dog will look for any physical abnormalities or sources of infection. . . .

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