How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Pica (Socks, Underwear) From Stealing From The Laundry Basket (Socks, Socks, Underwear)

Pica is a rush to eat non-food items that offer no health benefits. Eating clothing, such as socks and underwear, can cause serious gastrointestinal obstruction. Dogs can learn a lot about a person by smelling them. Even clean underwear can have lingering human smells that dogs can detect. Fabric cannot be digested in the stomach. The dog will try to swallow it or pass it. It's important to rule out a medical or nutritional cause for the pica. Put dirty laundry away in drawers and closets before your dog can steal them from the laundry basket. Consider interactive dog toys, tasty dog chews and even dog sports to occupy your dog. . . .

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