14 Most Popular Dog Breeds In California In 2022

14 Most Popular Dog Breeds in California in 2022.

a black french bulldog standing on grass

French bulldogs are the most popular breed in Los Angeles. The Golden State is known for sun, fun, Hollywood glitz, and tech industry heavy-hitters. But it is also a state full of dog lovers. : Californians love their flat-faced pups like the English bulldog.

Golden Labrador Retriever

For decades, Labradors have been the most popular dog in America. The friendly, energetic pups are a great match for a state full of outdoor enthusiast who lead active lives. Some bulldogs even learn to surf! : German shepherds are popular pets for Californians.

Close-Up Shot of a Golden Retriever

The breed is smart, trainable, protective, and devoted to their humans. Because of their natural protective habits and distrust of strangers, German shepherds require a firm commitment to training and socialization to remain well-behaved. : Golden retrievers are the sweetest, most lovable dogs you could ever hope to find.

white poodle sitting on grass

Poodles come in all sizes. They are famously allergy-friendly. Smaller poodles are especially suited to the often crowded living situations found in California. : The Chihuahua is one of the most popular breeds in California.

american pitbull terrier

The tiny pups come in long and short-haired varieties. Chihuahuas don’t take up much space. They can live basically anywhere. They aren’t the best choice for families with small children since they can be easily injured. : Beagles are another popular breed in California.

havanese dog_Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock

Beagles are good rabbit hunters, making them a good choice for rural residents in or near rural areas. Havanese pups may not make the best neighbors in crowded urban settings. The pouches will follow their nose wherever they lead. : The Havanese is a popular breed in California.

whippet in field

It is native to Cuba. The little dogs are friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and easily trained. Whippets are a smaller version of the popular Greyhound. They don’t require a fenced yard. : German short-haired pointer dogs are popular pets in California.

Doberman Pinscher

The dogs thrive on outdoor exercise. Doberman pinschers are highly intelligent and always hostile. Dobermans are world-renowned working dogs often used in police and military roles. They love pets and family dogs. : The most popular dog breed in California is a dog of mixed origin.


Mixed breeds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Not every breed is a good match for your lifestyle and family situation. Before bringing a dog into your family, take your time. .

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