English Bulldog: What You Need To Know About This Popular Breed Of Dog

The English Bulldog has many unique features.

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This make it popular. This dog is also one of the breeds that typically require females to be inseminated. A male English Bulldog can't mount and mate with a female due to his front-heavy body. : English Bulldog owners often pass the extra cost of artificial insemination onto the people buying the puppies.


Most pregnant English Bulldogs need C-sections to have their babies delivered. This is because of this breed's large skull that can’t fit through the birth canal. : English Bulldogs are susceptible to developing joint disorders like elbow and hip dysplasia due to the incorrect development of the joints.

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These flat-faced dogs often suffer from brachycephalic syndrome. It is an upper airway abnormality that often causes breathing problems and other breathing issues. : English Bulldogs can breed naturally, but it’s not the easiest thing to do.


The females of this breed have to be artificial inseminated to have babies. : English Bulldogs face some unique health-related challenges. They can be expensive to buy, but they make amazing family pets. .

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