English Boodles: What You Need To Know About This Designer Dog Breed

English Boodles are a mix of English Bulldog and Miniature Poodle.

English Boodle MixBreed

They are a new designer dog that is growing in popularity because of their fabulous personalities. English Boodles also have a low-hiding coat. This is because of their parentage. : English Boodle Puppies are a less common designer dog.


Because of this, the price of a poodle varies widely. You may pay between $800 and $2,500 for a Boodle. The health of an English Boodle is very dependent on the health of the individual parents. : English Boodle is a mix of English Bulldog and Miniature Poodle.

English Boodle Mix Breed

They are a mix of two different breeds. So, there is a lot of variation in how puppies look even in the same litter. They tend to be energetic pups but quickly become more laid back as they age. : English Boodles are a mix of two different breeds.


There will be some variation between individual dogs. They are a very social, attention-seeking breed. They are a good choice for families who can spend quality time with their dog. : Good-natured English Boodles get along well with other pets.

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You can help ensure this is the case by taking care to socialize Boodle puppies with dogs, cats, and other pets as soon as it is safe to do so. If you bring an adult English Boodle into your existing fur family, make sure to properly introduce your new Boodle. : English Boodles usually don’t require no special diets. They will do well on any high-quality dog food. Bulldogs are sometimes troubled with food allergies. It’s possible your English Boodle may be diabetic as well. Be careful exercising your Boodle in the heat if they take after their Bulldog parent more than the Miniature Poodle. : English Boodles are smart and willing to please dogs that usually take to training well. Positive training methods with rewards usually work very well for Boodles. Bulldog parents can be a bit more of a challenge if their Boodle’s Bulldog parent passes along their notorious stubborn streak. : English Boodles have short fur like a bulldog. While others have a longer wavy or curly coat. They usually don't shed much. They need quick regular brush sessions to keep their fur from becoming messy or matted. : As a hybrid dog breed, English Boodles are generally healthy. Bulldogs can suffer from several issues with their breathing. This is called brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome. Miniature Poodles can also get luxating patellas. This gives your Boodle a double shot at inheriting this problem. Poodles can also get epilepsy, an inherited seizure disorder. : Female and male English Boodles are similar in temperament.


Female dogs will often behave badly and can be more rambunctious than male dogs. Poodles are prone to some inherited eye conditions, such as progressive retinal atrophy. Mixing two breeds isn’t always going to bring consistent results. The English Boodle is a consistently great dog. They might be hard to find but English Boodle owners believe the long search yields a great reward. Take your time and be picky about the health of your dog. .

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