Dog bite prevention tips to keep your dog away from you.

All dogs have some level of possessiveness, whether it be of food, a toy or their human.

Any action that is perceived to take away the object of their desire can provoke a defensive reaction.

Also, when in doubt, let their human approach you rather than approaching them.

You want to look at their overall body language?

If you see signs of stress, this is a big red flag oppress.

Signs of stress include hard staring, freezing, growling, lip licking, excessive yawning, panting, pacing, “hard” (taut) body language throughout.

As with any animal, dog mothers are extremely protective of their young.

Make a safe space with minimal distraction for mothers who are about to, or have already, given birth.

Let's face it,dogs possess a good sense of mood, fear, and intention.

While they are generally very compassionate, it is best to avoid dogs when one is angry, afraid, or feeling aggressive.

Being careful not to focus this negative energy towards an animal may help keep a bad day from becoming worse.

Any dog who feels threatened could be aggressive.

Be careful not to corner or make threatening gestures towards an animal.

Avoid showing certain dominant postures toward agitated dogs.

Dogs can be defensive when injured or in pain.

Petting a painful area, touching an injured claw or even lifting a suffering animal is enough to provoke an aggressive reaction in even the friendliest of dogs.

Inform children to avoid pets during this time, and seek veterinary care to help remedy the problem.

Some dogs have been trained to attack intruders, intruders and attackers.

Be careful when entering another's property or approaching strangers. It does not want to accidentally provoke this attack reaction.

To a lesser degree, engaging in games such as war can train a dog.

Avoiding stray dogs may seem like common sense. However, it is often the case hidden causes can result in unprovoked attack.

In extreme cases, Hunger can cause aggression.

Since unknown dogs could be suffering from these, or any other unknown conditions, it is best to be cautious around them.

Some of the most frequent instances of dog bite occur while breaking up fights .

This usually ends from desperate handling reaching in to physically break up the fight.

Instead, first make a loud sound, like a cry or a bang, to startle the animals.

Water or a barrier between the dogs is highly effective and safe.

If all other methods fail, use your lower body to physically disrupt the interaction.

Finally separate the dogs immediately after the fighting ends to prevent another squabble.

While our canine friends love to play, vigorous tingles can irritate or excite a dog, leading to a natural aggressive reaction.

Knowing and heeding the signs of mood change is the best way of preventing play from turning to attack.

When these behaviors are witnessed, give the dog its space and allow a moment for it to regain calm.

In many cases, rehabilitation can be achieved under proper supervision. An animal behavior specialist can determine at what point an animal can safely return to social interaction with other dogs or humans.

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