How To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Turning Into A Puppy Playground

Puppies turn everything into a toy or game. The area under the tree creates a great place for the little ones to hide. Young pups want to gnaw everything during teething. Ingested tinsel, tree needles, hook from dangerous ornaments and other holiday décor can kill a pet. Make sure all breakables or dangerous ornents and decorations are not on lower branches. Anything that fits in a puppy’s mouth is a potential hazard. Edible strings of popcorn may look nice, but eating the string can kill them. Aluminum foil is a great deterrent for tiny pups and cats. They dislike walking on that odd-feeling and sounding surface. Vicks Vapo Rub (menthol smell) may work as a pet repellent. Bitter Apple or other nasty tasting substances help keep pups from chewing. If you don’t mind having the dogs turn your tree into a canine playground, make sure it is assault proof. Water your real tree with plain water or choose an artificial one. Attach guy-wires or twine to prevent the tree from falling. . . .

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