Kari Paul Fosters Same

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/virginia-vita-f74910b082534ba2bf1d13b96a453304. jpg) Kari Paul, 29, is a single lesbian woman living in Oakland, California. She has been a temporary pet mom for cats and dogs in her short career.

Virginia and Vita cat moms

Paul doesn't have pets of her own. She's with Oakland Animal Services. She was happy to foster a same-sex cat couple. Kari takes care of her foster cats every morning at 9:15 a. m. Each feeding usually requires three cans of food for all eight members.

one of the foster kittens posing

Because the two litters have two mommies, the cats rotate between taking care of all the babies.

kittens feeding with mom in bathroom

Paul employed cat gravy and meat tubes for socializing the cats. Kittens sleep with one of their mom's in the bathroom, one of the zones they're allowed to frequent. They like to organize their cats. They chirp at them until they’re all in one place. One of the cats climbs on a roller skate . Paul will miss this sweet bunch (one of whom is deaf and she is teaching some sign language). "We hope we can get them to a good home because they are ready to be good pets,” she said.

the kittens sleep alongside one of their moms

"It's fun to see the diff kitten milestones. Like, ‘you’ve been eating solid food now!’. . .

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