Getting A New Dog Can Be Tough, But It'S The Right Thing To Do For Your Family, Pets, And Your Heart, Writes Susan Collins On Salon

There is no way to say when the time is right to get a new dog. Some people wait days to weeks. This is possibly because they cannot bear to go long without a canine companion. Others need several months to years before they are ready to bring a new animal in. It is normal to be sad, angry, or lonely for a while. It's also okay to feel relieved and sad at the same time. It helps to be at a place where you are processing your grief and it does not dominate your life. Consider other people living in your home. Are they ready to welcome a new pet into the home? Are they still grieving? Everyone in the home has household meetings to discuss what is on their minds. Choosing your new dog should also be a group process. Dogs grieve too. Think about the new responsibilities that come with having a new baby. It will take time to adjust to a new environment. Your new dog may need more exercise than you are used to. Many people find that the heartbreak of losing a dog was too difficult to ever go through again. By opening your life to a dog in need of a home, you are honoring your dog's memory. The human-canine bond is a beautiful thing. . . .

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