Columnaris Is A Bacterial Infection That Can Be External Or Internal

Columnaris is a bacterial infection that can be external or internal. It can be treated with antibiotics and prevented with basic tank maintenance. Its name comes from columnar-shaped bacteria, which are present in virtually all aquarium environments. It is also referred to as cotton wool disease, saddleback disease, guppy disease, or cotton disease. Most columnaris infections are external and first appear as white or grayish spots or patches on the head and around the fins or gills. Lesions on the back often extend down the sides. This gives the fish the look of a saddle, leading to the name saddle-back. The infection will take an internal course with no external symptoms. In the open water, columnaris can enter the fish through the gills, mouth, or through small wounds on the skin. Prophylactic treatment of all other tanks is wise. it is necessary if they share a common filtration system. Bacteria thrive on organic waste. Regular maintenance of the tank can be controlled. A healthy diet and good water quality will keep the fish from being stressed and therefore more susceptible to infection. Placing new fish into the quarantined tank will help prevent the spread of the disease. . . .

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