How To Introduce A New Puppy To Your Kids And Toddlers

Introducing a new baby to kids and toddlers should be done with care. A frightened or injured dog can respond by bit and growling. Even pets that love children need private time and a place to go where they know they won't be pests. Practice Quiet Puppy Talk. Talk to kids about petting a toy or the child’s own arm or head. Teach kids that dogs aren’t animals. They can be hurt and even get out of control with pulled tails or ears. Teach Kids Dog Limits. Staring is a challenge in dog language that can stress some pets. When ignored, pups are more likely to be curious on their own. Challenge your toddler or older child to play the " ignore the dog" game. Puppies take turns playing tackle games with each other. Make it a dog rule that young kids must sit down before they can pet the dog. When pups still refuse to approach, find a special treat the pet wants but only gets. Children should be at least 6 or 7 years old before being given responsibility for a dog's care. The more pleasant experiences your children enjoy with the dog, the stronger the bond between them. Don't expect every dog to feel the same way about children as they do about you or other adults. . . .

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