How To Stop Your Dog From Farting In The Gas (And Get Healthy For Your Pet)

Dogs pass gas for basically the same reasons people do. Flatulence occurs as a result of gasses that have accumulated in the digestive system. Find out why some dogs fart so much and learn how to handle flatulence in your dog. Why Do Dogs Pass Gas? Infections, diseases, and disorders of the GI tract can cause excess gas production in dogs. Symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting that occur along with flatulence could mean there is a GI tract or other health problem. Treatment of flatulence involves dietary changes. Change your dog's diet. Exercise your dog . Put an obstacle in your pet's food dish to slow down the pace of consumption. Try probiotics. If your dog loses its appetite or any other symptoms of illness at any point , see your doctor. . Be careful with human food. Some human foods are toxic to dogs. Others may be safe for dogs but create excessive gas. Avoid giving your dog foods that may cause excessive gas, such as dairy, peas, beans, and fruit. If you suspect that your pet is sick , call your local veterinary office. . .

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