All You Need To Know About Puppies: All You Need To Know About Puppies On Cnn

Puppies can reduce stress and cardiovascular issues. Petting and petting any friendly dog or cat lowers blood pressure. Infants and children who grow up with dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies as they grow up. If you’re pet-less, you could volunteer at the shelter. Puppies reduce doctor visits for senior citizens. People who have suffered a heart attack and own pets recover quickly and survive longer. Those who live with a pet or a loved one experience only half as much blood pressure increase when stressed as those without a pet. Part of the pet effect has to do with increased exercise. Walking the dog or talking about your dog at the pet food aisle at the grocery store encourages contact. Puppy relieves pain and anxiety without the side effects of Valium. Touching a dog slows down the pain-producing centers of the brain. Science can measure this pet effect because thought and attitudes are influenced by changes in brain chemicals. Consider getting a poodle to be a furry prescription. . Watch Now: All you need to know about Puppies on our website . Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter . Follow CinemaRescue on Twitter and Instagram . .

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