How To Keep Your Pet Fish Healthy And Safe From Parasites

Parasites are common in fish. A stressed fish will cause a drop in immune function, which allows the parasite to flourish. Almost all of them require a fish to complete their life cycle. Empty aquariums and filters will not sustain parasites for very long. There are commensal and even protozoa that live in filters. Most parasites on pet fish are external. Unless your fish come from the wild, it is less common for them to have internal parasites. Clear fecal cast, commonly referred to as “white stringy poop,” can be confused for a parasitic worm. You cannot kill a fish in order to remove all its parasites. Fish stay healthy with clean water and a high-quality diet. The most common way a parasite infestation takes off is when a new fish is added to an established system. The stress from capture, transport, and introduction to a foreign environment causes any parasites on the new fish to quickly spread. To help your fish stay healthy, you must put them in a separate system for four to six weeks. This will ensure that any parasites riding on the old fish will not affect the entire system. Parasites can spread between fish very quickly. There is no one treatment for all parasites. It is important to have a correct diagnosis to determine if the parasite is a protozoan, worm, or crustacean. . . .

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