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Temperament tests can measure a dog's stability, shyness, aggression, and friendliness. Some tests are used by breeders to assess Schutzhund performance or tracking ability. Shelters use temperament tests to measure the dog's general temperament and suitability for adoption. Personality and temperament are not set in stone at birth. Early experience, socialization, development and consequences of learning all impact your future behavior. Resistance to handling, possessive aggression, territorial vocalization, excessive reactivity, and many forms of fear might not emerge until the dog is older. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/puppy-temperament-testing-2804631-05-837ceb501a194386b190e0a56c8436dc. jpg) Puppies over age 7 weeks can be assessed for independent-mindedness and willfulness. You want a dog to be fully socialized with people by 3 months old.

Dropping keys on white plate in front of black puppy to test for noise sensitivity

Sound sensitivity in dogs is a strong emotional or physical response to a sudden or loud sound.

Black puppy with tongue hanging picked up by owner to test for willfulness

The dog could not care less when the person left or came back. This can indicate a tendency toward more independent, willful behavior, or improper bonding . The dog was not traumatized and enjoyed the toys. . . .

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