Velvet Disease In Fish Is Caused By The Dinoflagellate Parasites Piscinoodinium Pillulare In Freshwater Fish And Amyloodinium Ocellatum In Saltwater Fish

Velvet disease in fish is caused by the dinoflagellate parasites Piscinoodinium pillulare in freshwater fish and Amyloodinum ocellatum in saltwater fish. Velvet disease is also known as "rust" or "gold dust. " The correct way to make a diagnosis of velvet is by your aquatic veterinarian during your fish's physical exam. Small dots on your fish body can be easily confused for fin ray fractures, lymphocystis, or white spot disease. Under low magnification, your veterinary veterinarian can easily identify the parasite responsible. The best treatment for velvet in marine fish is copper. Commercial copper medications can also be used. Be careful of their effects on alkalinity and pH. No medication will cure your fish when the water is bad. The safest and most effective method is salt-immersion treatment. All new additions should be put in an isolated aquarium for four to six weeks under careful observation. It can take several days to weeks for clinical signs of velvet to develop. No pet store can guarantee your fish are healthy. . . .

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