First Aid For Your Dog: 10 Items You Should Always Have On Hand For Your Pet'S Emergency Medical Needs

There are many pre-made first aid kits for dogs. It's best to make your own kit based on your pet's unique lifestyle and individual needs. Dogs who already take medications should always be well-stocked and taken a pet first aid class via your veterinarian, community college, or the American Red Cross. Always be sure to familiarize yourself with pet emergency clinics in your area. Identify apps or websites you can use in emergency situations. Here are 10 items you might start with. Tweezers are a must, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. They can be used to remove splinters or any other foreign materials from wounds. Cold therapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation in your dog, while relieving pain. Heat therapy can quicken recovery. This is because of the increase of blood flow caused by heat. Always use a cloth between the pack and your dog's skin. There are moldable, foam-covered splintles that are perfect for pooches. Blood clotting powder for dogs can help keep bandages from getting soaked with blood. It can also help prevent dangerous and even life-threatening blood loss if your dog has experienced blood vessel damage. Vet Wrap is a great option for your four-legged friend. It clings to itself. Antibiotic ointments are used to treat minor wounds for your dog. A breathable basket muzzle that can be adjusted to any size can be helpful for certain breeds. It is good to have on hand in case your dog needs emergency medical attention. . . .

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