How To Help Your Dog Cope With The Loss Of Another Dog

Losing a pet is a difficult situation for everyone, including the other dogs in the household. Some dogs act completely normal while others get very depressed. Grief can even alter a dog's personality. Sometimes dogs show no signs of grief. Stick to your routine to help your dog adjust to the loss of another dog. Provide more exercise and stimulation to help the dog deal with the stress and anxiety. Being on a routine can help you cope with your own grief. Back to the page you came from. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/dogs-and-grief-1118470-06-baf67a720f4142e39fa3761ce1726349. jpg) Before you get another dog, there are some things you should consider. Ask yourself whether you're ready for a dog. Let your dog help you choose a companion. Allowing the dogs to meet first gives you the chance to find the best companion.

Dog running with leash to prevent grief


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