Asian Toddler Baby Sniffs By Dog In Stroller

(images-112781211-5c4933fac9e77c0001940902. jpg) A dog's interaction with babies can have positive benefits besides furry love. Studies show that infants who grow up with pets have a much lower chance of developing allergies to dogs as they grow up.

Asian toddler baby sniffed by a dog in stroller

Confident and well-socialized adult dogs can be tolerant of babies. Plan ahead of time to help your dog accept the changes. Let your pets investigate the redecorated nursery. Record infant cries and other new sounds.

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These include toys that play music or white noise machines. Always remember those special times with your pet :max _bytes(150000):strip _icc()/pregnant-woman-moisturising-bump--640930610-5b49333846e0fb00010e95e7. jpg (GettyImages/GettyImages) When you bring home the baby, treat the event in a matter-of-fact manner. Don't force the introduction, but if your pet acts interested, allow the dog to examine the baby's foot and blankets. Praise pups when they behave well and behave in a calm, gentle manner.

Dog smelling baby

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