How To Teach Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash

Puppies do not know how to walk on a lead. When you pull, dogs pull back. It is much easier to teach a small dog than a powerful adolescent or adult. If you have a dog, now is the perfect time to teach it. Many purebred dogs wear temporary collars from birth. A flat, nylon collar with a metal buckle and space so you can fit two fingers beneath is ideal. You will need to get larger ones as the dog grows. Smell is an important way for dogs to communicate. A good nose is important. A 6-foot length gives the dogs freedom without owners losing control. The dog sits or stands at your side so you could give your dog a treat. Hold the treat right in front of your nose as you begin to walk. You must know how how to talk to a dog in a way that it can understand. You may also use clickser training to communicate with your dog. Move the practice times to areas with more distractions. As your dog develops more skills, you can start to teach them to "heel" even the best dogs. Don't stop and reward your dog every few steps with a treat or toy. When the dog has performed several moves, it won’t want to be lured but will want to know you have rewards handy. Increase the dog's attention span by eventually offering the reward. . . .

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