Cat Behavior Problems: How To Keep Your Cat Away From Paper And Cardboard

Cats are curious creatures that use their nose and mouth to explore the world. They can smell and taste things humans can not see. Some cats will chew paper and cardboard, but others will actually ingest it. Eating paper is a form of pica in cats and there are some possible reasons for it. In cats, gastrointestinal obstruction is the greatest risk associated with paper-eating. Paper is made from cellulose fiber extracted from wood or other materials. It may contain different chemicals used in processing. Finished paper often contains ink and dyes that may be toxic if ingested. The best way to keep your cat from eating paper is to keep it out of reach. Put important papers in drawers or plastic folder (except your cat also eats plastic) If your cat tends to eat large amounts of cardboard, don't leave boxes out. Cat Behavior Problems is a series of articles about cats. You can visit the Cat Behavior problems website for more information. We are also on Facebook and Insta. . . .

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