Hole-In-The-Head Disease (Hith) Is A Common Disease In Both Freshwater And Saltwater Fishes

the entire body of a fish.

![Pacific Creolefish - Club - Paranthias colonus - Cheerios. ](https://fast. maomihezi. com/api/v1/thumbnail? widthPx=1024& heightPx;=0&fill;=true&smartCrop;=true &responseType;=Binary&openInBrowser;= true &fileUri;=https%3A%2F%2Awww. thesprucepets. com%2Bthmb%3FxrWHAkY49XVlCePg4qmi1BplTIY%3D%2E2048x1536%2C. HITH causes erosive holes in the head and face that are not life-threatening but can lead to secondary infections. Good basic husbandry practices and a low stress environment can reduce HITH. It is mainly an unpleasant looking condition in which eroded areas or holes form on the head, face, lateral line, and (less commonly)

It can be mainly an aesthetic problem, but it can cause secondary infections of bacteria and parasites. Minimize stress by keeping suitable species together and making sure your tank is big enough. If any of your fish show clinical signs, they should be moved to a quarantine tank.

King Angelfish

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