Bringing A Kitten Into Your Home Can Be A Stressful Experience, But Here Are Some Tips To Ease The New Kitten’S Transition Into Your Home: Use Synthetic Calming Pheromones

If you are planning to bring a new cat into your home, then you should take some time to prepare for the cat's arrival. Synthetic calm pheromones can be purchased as a diffuser or spray. Used before the arrival of the new cat to help older cats and new cat feel calm. :max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Kitteninpetcarrier-GettyImages-598102354-5c326fd746e0fb00010780f7. jpg) Let the kitten explore in the small room you have already set up. If you have other pets, allow them to look at the cat from a distance.

Kitten in pet carrier

Make sure the cat knows where the litter boxes are and where they eat and drink. After a few days, your cat will begin to explore its new home. You can encourage your little cat to venture out of its separate room each day by using toys and treats to make it a game. Your cat should have also been to the Vet at least once for vaccines, a fecal check, and a physical examination. This can help all cats in the household adjust.

Puppy and Kitten

It can also help them bond if you make their interactions more positive. . Watch Now: 14 ways cats show their love. . . .

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