Introducing A Kitten To An Older Cat Can Be A Stressful Experience, But Here Are Some Tips To Ease Your Older Cat Into The New Life: Use Pheromones Before Bringing Home A Kitten

Some planning must go into the process of introducing a cat to an older cat. Single adult cats can have trouble adjusting to living with a new cat. Older cats will appear sad, reclusive, hiss a lot, and sometimes even stop eating if they are not adjusting well. Pheromones are useful for creating a calm environment for any cat. Diffusers, sprays, and wipes are all available to help your cat feel relaxed without the use of drugs. A few weeks before bringing home a cat, try using pheromone. New items for your cat should be placed in and around your home before the cat comes home. Start putting these items in their new places about a week before the new arrival. Your adult cat can smell them and get used to all the new things. Make sure you are ready for the kitty. Take your cat to a checkup with your vet to make sure it is healthy and that its vaccinations are current. Respiratory diseases are common in cats. You want your older cat's immune system to be ready to tackle them. When you bring your cat home, allow your cat pet it while the cat is in a carrier or in your arms. Go directly to the room previously designated and set up under your watchful eye. The older cat can observe this exploration and retreat if it wants to. Do not force interaction between your cat and the cat. If your cat has a favorite interactive toy, try playing with both cats at the same time. Cats need to have order and a new member of the home must know where it ranks. Older cat may hiss and swipe at the cat when the newcomer does something unfavorable. . . .

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