(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/mischievous dog sitting next-torn-furniture-128089766-5c3d966246e0fb000177a69a. jpg) Most dogs chew, but whether or not we like it, they end up chewing on something. The biggest reasons we see dogs chewing are because of fear, shame, stress, and fun! Just like us, your dog wants something to do.

Mischievous dog sitting next torn furniture

And since they can't work a remote control to watch Netflix, they work with what they've got. Manage their time, provide a fun, dog-proof environment, and get your little one some basic dog training. If your dog is a chewer, you should follow the 3 rule of housetraining religiously. It is no secret that dogs need lots of exercise.

Shorkie running in the yard

It may depend on the breed. If you are not able to increase the amount of exercise your dog gets, consider taking them to a doggy daycare.

Rottweiler puppy inside his crate

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