How To Get Rid Of The Skunk Smell On Your Dog With Homemade Homemade Shampoo And Eye Drops

Skunk spray is difficult to remove. It can stay for days. It is yellow in color, oily, and can irritate the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. Because it has such a foul odor that doesn't go away quickly on its own, when a dog gets sprayed, options are urgently needed. A store-bought dog wash is not going to get rid of the skunk smell from a dog that has been sprayed. Some shampoos are made to neutralize skunk odor. Be sure to read the label and follow the directions. Homemade skunk spray can help you get rid from skunk odors on your dog. Combine 3% hydrogen peroxide, 4% baking soda and liquid soap. This medicine neutralizes the odor but must be used immediately. Be aware that the mixture may lighten dark fur or clothing. Skunk spray may be very irritable to eyes and can even cause conjunctivitis. Simple saline or artificial tears eye drops can be applied to your dogs eyes to gently flush them and give some relief to your pet. Some animal hospitals may be willing to give your dog a skunk bath. . . .

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