Rolling In The Grass Is A Normal Behavior For Dogs, As Long As They'Re Not Picking Up Unsavory Scents In The Process

Dogs have a real appreciation for grass, especially when it comes to rolling in it. Grass is covered in scents, from humans, other animals, and the environment around it. Rolling in the grass is a way to get those scents into their fur. There's a chance your dog is rolling in the ground to scratch an allergy-related itch. Look for other signs of allergies, such as redness or irritability on the skin. If so, make an appointment with your vet so you can get proper treatment. Rolling is normal behavior for dogs. As long as they don’t pick up unsavory scents in the process. As soon as they stop rolling or praise, give your dog a reward. If you're trying to train your dog to stop rolling, work with a certified trainer. . . .

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