Dogs Can Put Their Ears Back For A Variety Of Reasons, But It'S Important To Remember To Look At Your Dog'S Body Language As A Whole

Your dog can put their ears back for a variety of reasons. Your dog's ears can change based on their emotions. It's important to look at your dog's body language as a whole, not just their ear position. Some dogs' ears are not naturally pointed. This means they would be laid back in their natural position when they are relaxed. If your dog is relaxed but not pinned flat against their skull, it may be because they are content. Growling, snarling and lip curling can be signs that a dog is about to bite. Most dogs that bite do so out of defensive aggression versus offensive reflexes. They feel the need to protect themselves. Never punish your dog for growling or snarling. Dogs may hold their ears down if they are in pain. This is likely due to fear of being hurt further if they were approached. In some rare cases, a dog with a particularly nasty case of an ear infection may be held back simply to hear something that is happening behind them. You might notice this if you are in the garden with your dog. Another family member calls you from inside the house. Not all dogs that put their ear back are in fact fearful. . . .

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