Bared Teeth In Dogs Can Be A Warning, Not A Sign Of Aggression: Dog Body Language

When a dog bares his teeth, he is using body language to communicate. Bared teeth in a dog is often a warning. Do some dogs smile? When your own dog shows his teeth it is usually a sign that a pet is being pushed past his comfort zone. The submissive grin is a type of appeasement gestures intended to calm down a situation. For some pets, the submissive smile can indicate stress and anxiety. It is important to pay close attention.

illustration of bared teeth in dogs

If you are unsure of the cause or it appears that the teeth are bared in an aggressive manner, you should remove yourself and/or your dog from the situation. Many owners are able to train their dogs to smile on cue. This is best taught by capturing the behavior and reward it by attaching a cue word like "smile. " Just be absolutely certain that the dog is definitely looking at you and not showing aggression before you teach your dog to do it. . . .

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