Blepharospasm In Your Dog Can Be Caused By Foreign Particles, Allergies, Eye Infection, Or Other Eye Issues

Blepharospasm can affect one or both eyes in a dog. It may occur due to a foreign particle on the eye's surface or eye disease. Twitching and rapid blinking are signs of blephar spasm. A dog may scratch the eye, causing more inflammation and redness. Identifying the presence of a spasm can help determine its cause. If your dog shows the following signs, it probably needs medical attention. Blephar Spasm can be caused by foreign particles, allergies, eye infection, or other eye issues. The treatment for blephARospasm will depend on the underlying cause. Topical eye drops and ointments are common treatments for a variety of eye conditions. The best way to protect your dog is to avoid irritability. Don't allow airborne debris like dust or sand to blow by, and don't let your dog stick its head out the window. . . .

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