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Puppies are cuddly, require training, and have an extra dose of playfulness and jojo. Older dogs make them extra fun for some people. One of the hardest truths of the animal industry is that pups grow up, and that puffy, furry little dogs grow up. People often say they want to get a dog to bond with it as a dog, and to make sure that socialization is done properly. Starting a dog in life the right way with training, socialization, handling, and desensitization is a key to having the dog you have always wanted. People Adopt Pups to Practice Their Childfree Lifestyle . Having a dog around can reduce stress levels and increase happiness and purpose. Some of the best dogs we have come in contact with are replacement kids. But, it can also go the other way very quickly. The DINK family is quickly becoming a model adopted by a lot of people. People Learn to Round out Their Child Free Lifestyle. Having an older dog allows a very casual lifestyle. They often require very little exercise. They only want to soak up the love and affection that can be heaped upon them. Sometimes, a dog isn’t the right choice at the time. So why not consider another pet? A cat maybe? Or a bird or a rabbit? At The Spruce Pets, we have a lot more information on owning cats, fish, birds, and more. . Watch now: All You Need to Know about Puppies on our website. Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter @CinemaRescue on Twitter and Instagram. . . .

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