Quarantine Tanks Are A Great Way To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe In Your Aquarium

A quarantine tank is a tank that is set up independently from an established saltwater aquarium. It is used to "quarantine" any new fish an aquarist has acquired. The number one reason for quarantining new people is to prevent the spread of potential diseases. A QT is used as a place to put sick, disease, harassment or weak fish that need to be removed from the main aquarium. New fish are under the stress of being transported which can bring on disease. 10 to 20 gallon-sized tanks provide adequate aeration and filtration. You can set up a QT just like you would a regular tank. When choosing a filter for the QT, pick one that is the same or very similar in structure to the one used in an established aquarium. it is also smart to keep some AmQuel or another type of ammonia destroyer, and some extra saltwater. . . .

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