Eastern Spotted Skunk Dosing Handstand

(max _bytes(150000):striped-icc()/eastern-spotted-skunk-doing-handstand-1057145968-5c2d563bc9e77c00015f1ee4. jpg) Skunks are a great pet to research before you buy. Pet skunks can be a classic black and white or a spotted lavender and white.

Eastern Spotted Skunk doing handstand

Skunks breed in the spring and produce 5-6 kits. In captive, skunks live about 6-10 years. It is of utmost importance that you get your skunk through a licensed breeder and not from the wild. skunks do not have a USDA licensed rabies vaccine available. If your skunks bite someone, in many states it means the end of your life as a skunk. A low-fat diet is also important because of the high risk of obesity in skunks. There are a few pre-packaged, dry diets available for skunks but usually, they are online. You can have a wild animal as a pet? Yes. . . .

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