Cherry Eye In Dogs Is A Common Condition That Causes A Pink Or Red Mass To Grow At The Corner Of Your Dog'S Eye

Cherry eye is a condition where the ligaments that hold the tear gland under the eye break down. The only cure for cherry eye is surgery. It is highly effective. Breeds with flat faces, known as brachycephalic breeds, are predisposed to cherry eye. Cherry eye is the result of a prolapsed nictitating membrane, also known as the third eye. The membrane is a protective layer for your dog's eye and contains a tear gland. When the tear glands breaks down, it can prolapse and "pop out". Cherry eye presents as a pink or red mass that grows at the corner of the eye. (images: :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/prolapsed-gland of the third-gradeeyelid-580285895f9b5805c23baa31. jpg) Cherry eye can be more common in some breeds than others. Some dog breeds have weak connective tissue.

Cherry eye in dogs

This makes them more vulnerable to prolapse. Dry eye can permanently impair your pet's vision. Non-surgical treatment may relieve your dog of some discomfort but usually won't be enough to prevent a re-prolapse. The best way to protect your dog from discomfort is to check its eyes regularly. Your dog will likely recover fully after surgery. The glands will return to normal function. Untreated cherry eye can lead to conjunctivitis, ocular discharge, and dry eye. Chronic dry eye can also lead to serious infection and damaged eye tissue. (AdrienneKruzerRVTLVT-41ee5d17efea4c9b8b5e9ac59e3f608c. jpg) At home remedies, such as a hot compress, may help some of the discomforts of cherry eye, but surgery is the best cure. Consult your vet to discuss a treatment plan. . .

Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, LVT


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